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Residential Conveyancing 

At the initial stages of a conveyancing transaction, most clients are not interested in the technical details. They only require an idea of what it will cost them and this is covered under 'Our Fees' section setting out our fees for different types of transactions. They are also concerned about our availability and how fast we can deal with the transaction. View our fees for 'Residential Sales' and 'Residential Purchases'


We will forward documents received from the other side’s solicitors or licensed conveyancers to you, usually on the same day we receive them if you provide us with an email address. We are in a central position for access to our office by most of our clients so they can see us if we need to discuss something in person or documents need to be executed quickly. Sending something to be signed and returned by post can delay the transaction by a few days at a time.


Time from instructions to exchange of contracts is typically about eight weeks and from exchange of contracts to completion you would expect there to be about ten days plus any bank holidays. Purchases with no mortgages can be dealt with as fast as the sellers can move. We can normally complete these within a week subject to the time the local authority search (if required) will take. 

We are not a “virtual firm” with leased premises or no office. We have owned the building we work from since 1995 so there is security in knowing that we are not a firm that is likely to disappear.


No additional charges are made for ID checks for our clients. Most of them can attend at our office if necessary. This is particularly useful if you are selling a share of a freehold or obtaining a lease extension where the identities of other freeholders need to be checked.


We will advise you of dates the person dealing with your file will not be available, if any. There is not usually more than a one day break in any month when someone will not be available to deal with your file, often because of one day training courses. This is with the exception of the end of year break starting shortly before Christmas to the New Year and often a day or two after the Easter break.

Most of the work will be carried out by Douglas Narayan and James Coulson who are solicitors.

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